Gamified learning experiences and digital tools for social development

Introducing Lulu Lab

Lulu Lab is on an empowering mission! We technology and strongly advocate for using technology to empower small communities, children in rural areas and the many others who do not have access to the same digital resources as you and me. Lulu Lab is an impact start-up, developing digital tools for social development to empower our users and ensure that the future is in their hands!

"In my opinion this app is so
relevant that everyone should use it"

- High School student / UN Women test, Ethiopia

UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

Lulu Lab UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Click on the photos to see how we strive to contribute to them.



Our story

Our happy, little start-up family met at the hackathon #Hack4Girls that took place in Copenhagen in November 2017. This eye-opening 36-hour event was organized by UNFPA, Maternity Foundation, Atea Future Growth, Microsoft, Save the Children, Whywoman, Red Cross and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark to support refugee girls and women. The challenge was to come up with a tech-based solution to educate refugee girls and young women in Sub-Saharan Africa on sexual and reproductive health (SRHR)...