COVID-19 Educational Game

The Dilemma Game - Stay Safe Edition is the most recent addition to the Dilemma Game!

The Dilemma game invites users on a journey to Freetown, Sierra Leone where the user can explore the big city’s School, Market, Health Clinic, Church and Mosque. Throughout the game, users are met with dilemmas and learning flows, where health education and storytelling will empower, educate and engage users in learning about personal hygiene, social distancing and how to stay safe during a pandemic like the Coronavirus. 

The visual design, the stories, main characters, and guiding characters, as well as the background music and sound effects has been co-created in partnership with Save the Children Sierra Leone, Save the Children Denmark and creative and dedicated girls and boys from Sierra Leone.

The Dilemma game can be played individually, in a small group, in a youth club, girls/boys club or in a classroom setting. When played in groups, the Dilemma game works as a dialogue tool - empowering users with a language to discuss health amongst each other, and a safe learning space where taboo topics become fun and normalized through games and storytelling.

Target user

10-24-year-old girls and boys





Android Smartphones & Tablets / Google Play store

COVID-19 Chapter

  • Personal hygiene
  • Social distancing
  • Symptoms and treatment methods

Do you wish to implement the Dilemma game in a non-African context?

Send us an e-mail to learn more about Game translation and other opportunities.